TBB Annual Report 2020
TBB Story / 2021-03-26

TBB family is getting bigger and bigger. The only constant is the smile on our faces, and sincerity to our clients.

TBB 2019 Achievements in new market
TBB Story / 2020-02-13

Although 2019 was a tough year, TBB have made a lot of achievements with our efforts. We hope in 2020 TBB will win customers’ heart with TBB professionalism, and make greater achievements. In the coming May, TBB will join 2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition. We will be there waiting for you!

TBB Story / 2020-01-13

5 Reasons to Choose TBB Needle Roller Bearing 1. Years of focusing on bearing, quality guaranteed  Estabilished for many years since 1998 and is a professional supplier of bearings With an annual output of tens of millions of bearings, the production capacity is sufficient 2. Strict production process  Recognized by many famous companies in the world, such as Bonfiglioli, Iveco, Cummins, Carraro, etc. Bearing accessories for world-renowned companies throughout the year Obtained the quality management system certification 3. Variety of specifications  Can also provide customized solutions With comprehensive bearing R & D capabilities, covering all important aspects of bearing industry chain and can provide customers with cost-effective solutions 4. 90% of the basic products can be shipped within 4 weeks guarantees your productivity 5. Quality after-sales service  Professional one-on-one guidance consultants, let you worry free after sales With more than 1000 sets of molds to choose from, the cost and time of mold opening can be saved Technical guidance consultants are provided to support your application of bearings Asking for more information, contact us.

10th Anniversary in TBB Shanghai Office – TBB Since 1998
TBB Story / 2019-09-23

From 2009 to 2019, it has been 10 years since TBB Shanghai office estabilished.With 10 years growth, no matter wind or rain, the way we go together, the warmth hidden in the bottom of every TBB member’s heart. Lisa, Sales General Manager in TBB, also the elder sister of TBB lady team. Under her leadership, TBB Bearing Provision is moving forward steadily. Let’s see what Lisa wants to say at this special occasion Heidi, Customer Marketing Director in TBB . With her 8 yearsgrowing in TBB Shanghai office, what does she have in mind to share with us? Besides these, how many beauties can you recognize in below video? P.S. We are launching a campaign of collecting fingerprints and signatures from our clients who supported TBB all the time, which will be printed on our souvenir bags. It would be a great honor to us if you’d like to join us. Request: Fingerprint and signature need to be separated.                Signature–Black color. Fingerprint–no limitation (Expect Black)

OEMs look to distributors for better service
Bearing knowledge , TBB Story / 2019-08-05

Small to midsize OEMs that now source rotating-equipment products and services through multiple vendors may want to consider using a dedicated, local distributor. Distributors have access to a broad product range and can readily supply related items such as bearings, electric motors, belts, and gearboxes. This simple tactic of consolidating your supply source will immediately provide tangible benefits, including one-stop shopping, a single point of accountability, and the preferred services that often come from a close OEM/distributor business relationship. Moreover, distributors can bring the expertise of their suppliers to your organization, including advanced engineering services, ranging from applications engineering, failure and design-life testing, CAD, and vibration/reliability specifications, as well as assembly and warranty information Case in point: A small OEM that builds rope sheaves used in paper-mill dryer sections had recently changed a bearing spec from two single-row, deep-groove ball bearings to a double-row, angular-contact ball bearing. The update looked great on paper, but end users were reporting a significantly shorter bearing service life. The OEM’s distributor brought in SKF to help solve the problem. SKF engineers reviewed the rope-sheave design with computer programs specifically made to analyze bearing operating temperature, loads, raceway positions, and failure modes. The resulting calculations…

When someone says your bearings are expensive, answer them like this
TBB Story / 2019-07-17

When someone tell you that your bearings are expansive  Tell them it is not expansive but WORTHY. When someone says your bearings are expansive, answer them like this: Porsche, Land Rover are expansive, but more and more people drive them.Santana is cheap, but it is eliminated by more and more peopleNokia is cheap, Iphone is expansive, but more and more people use Iphone and it made Apple the most valuable company in the world, while at the same time, Nokia went bankruptcy. Why that happened? Because clients never only focus on price, but value~ You can never buy the best quality things by the least money, that’s the truth of money. When someone says your bearings are expansive, answer them like this: The costs of products is not much, but can you build a house all by yourself if we provide you steel & cement?Can you cut the tumour out if we provide you a scalpel?Can you play NBA if we provide you basketball?Can you cut your own hair if we provide you scissors? We should learn to respect others’ rich experience and excellent skills by years’ of time and efforts. We spend so much time and effort only aiming to provide you with much better products…

TBB New Trends in April
TBB Story / 2019-05-06

1. TBB Busy April 2. TBB Handcraft Lesson Look, except bearing, we also had many fun times in office! On the second week, TBB members enjoyed very interesting handcraft lessons at office. The handmade Husky card-bag was so cute! The purse also looked great! Maybe the new year gift of 2020 you get would be our handmade something. 3. TBB Take Action on Earth Day ● Lessen Paper User Try using email, PDF’s, electronic documents, CD-ROM’s, USB drives, tablets, and projectors instead of printing out paper. ● Walking, Biking or Carpooling to Work One hand it helps reducing carbon emissions by walking, biking or carpooling, the other hand, exercise put everyone in a great mood for work; carpooling brings together employees from different departments within the company. ● Lunch Activities Advocate TBB member bring lunch food from home, reduce the times of take-out food, thereby reducing the use of disposable tableware. Also it provided good opportunity to change habits and to educate employees. ● Remember to Turn Off Turn off the lights at day time, and turn off the office appliance when left, such as computer, printing machine, hot water fountain. ● Collect Recyclables Papers, plastic bottles, metal, glasses, put…

Greeting Video From TBB Bearing / 2018 Christmas
TBB Story / 2018-12-19

TBB Christmas Video is ready for you!How long have our ladies connected with you? Are you wondering what TBB life looks like behind the screen? Want to know how we celebrate these special days? Here is our warm blessing for you! TBB lovely families wish you guys a joyful Christmas and a prosperousPS. Do you find out your language inside?

The Orange Ladies among 1,258 exhibitors in 2018 Shanghai Bearing Fair
Industry News , TBB Story / 2018-10-01

Have you seen TBB Orange Ladies on 2018 Shanghai Bearing Fair? 2018 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 16th session) which was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from September 19 to 22, 2018, ended successfully. The exhibits included all types of bearings as well as high-end bearings, and covered special equipment, precision measurements, accessories and parts, transmission components, lubricant greases, and so on. The new products, new technology, new material, new technique and equipment will represent the latest development trend of today’s world bearings and related products. Exhibitors of represented countries:Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA. 15 of TBB members represented the company attended the exhibition. As a trading company, we seized this precious opportunity, have been very busy communicating with our partners and also tried to present the best to our customers. For customers: We have exchange information with more than 100 new companies; deeply communication with 30 interested customers; during exhibition time guided 8 customers to visiting our office & production. For partners: Evaluated 600 factories for supplement our data base;…

TBB Booth: 3H2041-China Bearing Fair , 9/19-9/22
Industry News , TBB Story / 2018-09-12

We sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at 2018 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition 19-22th, September,TBB Booth:3H2041. We will display our hot-sale products as well as our latest products which are very popular in 2018.