Bearings Used In Agricultural Tractor

Agricultural engineering involves a wide range of machines, equipment and implements. This ranges from tillage machines, tractors, tedders and balers to powerful harvesting equipment such as forage harvesters or combine harvesters. Even if the machines are very different, the operating conditions are always harsh. In summer, dust and sand place high demands on the bearing seals, whereas during the spring and fall, moisture is a real challenge for farmers. Heavy soils test the mechanical strength of all machine parts to the limit. Constant vibrations and high shocks are loads that occur throughout the entire year. This is why the bearing supports in tillage machines have to be particularly robust. Here we’ll make an introduction about tractor. Although there are many types of agricultural tractors with different structures, they are composed of three parts: engine, chassis and electrical equipment. Following are typical bearing arrangements in agricultural tractors: For further requests on bearings used in agricultural machinery, please make a direct contact with TBB

Bearings Used in Transmission System of Movable Construction Machinery

The chassis is the support of construction machinery, which can make the overall unit run in the specified direction at the speed and traction required for operation. According to the characteristics of the traveling system, there are 2 main types of construction machinery chassis: 1.Wheeled chassis, including transmission system, braking system, steering system, traveling system. 2. Tracked chassis, including transmission system, steering system(incl. braking), traveling system, rotary support device(load carrying) Transmission System of Construction Machinery Chassis: The transmission components between the power unit and the driving wheel of construction machinery are collectively referred to as the transmission system. The transmission system is divided into mechanical transmission, hydraulic mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and electric transmission. The three main components of transmission system: Gearbox, Differential, Wheel Drive. Gearbox Dual-clutch AT Popular bearing types used: Tapered Roller Bearing Cylindrical Roller Bearing Needle Roller and Cage Assembly 2. AT with hydraulic torque converter Popular bearing types used: Needle Roller and Cage Assembly One-way Clutch Needle Roller Bearing Thrust Needle Roller and Cage Assembly Deep Groove Ball Bearing HK Series Needle Roller Bearing 3. AT with continuously variable transmission Popular bearing types used: Needle Roller and Cage Assembly Tapered Roller Bearing Cylindrical Roller Bearing Deep…