Our current price is 50% lower than yours…

After offering we heard many times voice of “Your price is too high” or “Our current price is 50% lower than yours ” …You have explained to customer that how good quality your product is, showed your testing reports with thousands times, because you know clearly the difference between products of different price level. How do you prove it? Yes, taken inspection for these different products is a good method . TBB did so.However, the testing of basic data such as size, clearance, precision, vibrate. Sometimes there have very big different on measurement, but sometimes there do not have very obvious different on data. What is the deep reason for big price gap? To end the confusion, TBB did further testing- Life Reliability Comparison Test at National Bearing Testing & Inspection Institute.A group of 4 piece of deep groove ball bearings, after rigorous and reasonable experimental process: Firstly, can you guess how the bearings performed ? Here comes some pictures to show how it performance. Secondly, can you guess how many hours the bearings lasting? Here comes the testing results. #1 bearing from TBB OEM product, it lasting for 121.5 hours till the testing ended with good condition.#2 bearing from world well-known second-class…

Bearings with black oxide finish – Increased performance in critical applications

At this year’s Hannover Messe in Germany, bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH presents bearings with black oxide finish. The protective layer improves run-in and wear characteristics and protects against environmental effects. Especially in critical applications such as wind turbine gear boxes, black oxide finish is a cost-effective and technically viable means of prolonging the service life and performance of rolling bearings. The black oxide finish forms a protective layer for steel parts. In a multistage chemical process, the surface layer of the treated parts is converted into a 1 to 2 micrometer thin mixed ferrous oxide layer that causes the characteristic black appearance. Black oxide finished bearing components feature a set of special technical characteristics, especially in the case of components that move relative to each other. Multiple protective effects can be achieved if only one functional element (typically the rolling elements) is treated. For best effect, however, all functional surfaces of a rolling element bearing, including the inner and outer ring as well as the rolling elements, should be black oxide finished. Black oxide finishing is already an established method in other industries. NKE uses this technology to further improve the technical properties of rolling bearings. The method has…

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

TBB drawn cup needle roller bearings is formed with thin steel plate through precision punching with very sectional height and big load capacity. This kind of bearings are especially applicable to the big quantity production with economic demands. Stable combination is used between the needle bearings and the bearing cage. No axle fixture is required. Even under high speed and heavy load condition, the bearing functions can be fully maintained. Furthermore, no lubricating for a long time is possible due to its high storage volume of grease. Structure Types Mounting The outer ring of the drawn cup needle roller bearings made of thin steel plate through punching will reach the correct shape and dimension precision when it is pressed into the bearing cage. Therefore, the dimensional precision and the shaped of bearing cage will directly effect the inscribed circle of the bearing. Thus enough attention must be attached to the size and shape of the bearing cage. In mounting this kind of bearings, it will be easier to use the pressing core shaft as illustrated in the figure. Special tool must be used to press on the side with printed code mark to compress get the bearings fitted when assemblying….

How to Pick the Right SPINDLE BEARING for your Application?

Material Cronidur30ISO Standard: DIN 1.4108Chemical formula: X30CrMoN15-1Advantages: Finer structure, less heat generated, higher permissible contact pressure, much higher fatigue life reliability (10x compared with GCr15 in best case), better corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance Material Ceramic Si3N4Advantages: Excellent tribological properties, lower density to improve the bearing kinematics, lower coefficient of thermal expansion, no magnetism, high current insulation

How Does Raceway and Roller Crowning Affect Bearing Performance?

A GROWING NUMBER OF “BARGAIN” BEARINGS are being brought into the Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer marketplace by bearing brokers whose primary emphasis is on price. They ignore the critical issues of product integrity, performance, and supplier support. Initially the price has some attraction, but testing performed by Hyatt and other major suppliers has proven that a much superior performance is achieved from a quality product provided by a reputable manufacturer. For tapered roller bearings to achieve their Maximum Life in application (L10 Life), the load must be evenly distributed over the length of the rollers. To ensure proper distribution of bearing loads, Hyatt Tapered Roller Bearings are manufactured with a crown on the raceways and rollers. In our experience, the “bargain” products rarely have raceways and rollers that are crowned. Frequently the components have concave contact areas, generating even higher stresses within the bearing and promoting early catastrophic failure. Bearing brokers will state that their products conform to American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) specifications. These standards, however, only relate to the external dimensions of the bearing and its compatibility with the wheel hub and spindle. If you want a quality product which is going to provide years of uninterrupted service, then…

Wheel Hub Assembly – Time for replacement?

Wheel hub problems are often discovered while ruling out other sources for the squealing and grinding sounds coming from that area of the vehicle or the gradually increasing vibration noticed by the driver. Because such symptoms – odd noises, vibration, deterioration in handling, etc. – The common to a variety of suspension and steering system parts, it is often through the process of elimination that the need to replace this part is apparent. the it is determined for sure that this is the source of the vehicle’s problems, however, the repair Should be made as soon as possible in order to avoid causing damage to other parts or a dangerous road situation. Those that are fairly skilled at performing automotive repair projects at home are likely to find the replacement of the hub and related parts more time consuming than Challenge. Any repair is more likely to last longer when made with quality parts,Timken, Pronto, Quality-Built, WJB, Replacement, Centric, Moog, Dorman, Genuine, Beck Arnley, First Equipment Quality, DuraGo, API, NSK and Febi. (MAPC Bearings OEM for most of these brands) Wheel Hub Assembly – Time for replacement? Wheel Hub AssemblyA hub assembly, also known as a wheel hub assembly or…

How to prevent bearing from corrosion

Stainless steel and chrome steel are normally corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust. However, improper storage or handling at high humidity, condensation environment will reduce bearing life. How does the corrosion of bearings happen? If the bearing is prolonged exposure to water can cause rust. With the passage of time can cause peeling and crack formation, which are premature bearing failures. In addition, if the bearing is too loose or improper installated, contact corrosion will occur.. Bearing corrosion will reduce the machine performance and productivity, increasing the cost of operation. Common raceway corrosions include, bearing contact corrosion, corrosion of the outer surface and the inner ring of holes. How to prevent bearing corrosion? Prevention is the main thing. Here are some methods which can prevent bearing corrosion Use waterproof grease, it can form a protective barrier in the wet environment Add some protective coatings, such as chrome, nickel, zinc Adjust bearing, if it is suspected of contact corrosion Try to use a different material, in extremely corrosive environment, you can use ceramic bearings for example.

Spindle Bearing

The manufacturing of metal parts and components is so significant to any economic marketplace, typically, the machine tool industry is utilizing the latest technological advances in manufacturing processes. Here we’d like to talk about machine tool SPINDLE BEARING Most spindles use a combination of angular-contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. The angular-contact types install at a spindle work end because they handle both axial and radial loads. The other end houses a cylindrical roller bearing which, by design, floats or slips axially to compensate for spindle thermal expansion yet operates with zero radial clearance for rigidity. The basic requirements for spindle: High running accuracy High speed Wide range of speed High rigidity Low temperature rise High reliability Some of the above requirements are in confrontation, so it’s almost impossible for spindle to meet all the above requirements simultaneously. Therefore, the main performance of spindle should be taken into consideration when designing spindle supporting. Bearing types and matched method depend on machine tool different performances.

TBB Track Roller or Cam Follower bearings

TBB Track Roller is a bearing unit composed of machined thick-wall outer ring, needle rollers or cylindrical roller sets, or cage guidance or full complement needle roller, inner ring or bolt and seal. Featuring multiple compact structure, high rotating accuracy, large varieties, broad adaptability and easy installation, it can bear high radial load and certain shock load and is widely used in machine tool, metallurgical, textile and printing machinery, processing lines and etc. Main structures as below chart: Whether you use cam follower bearings for cam followers, or for track, guide, or support rollers, their performance depends largely on the type you select. Important factors include loads, speeds, misalignment, installation, and lubrication. Cam follower bearings are used mainly in three types of applications: following the surface of a cam, supporting linear motion components, or laterally locating components during linear movement. Of these, cam follower applications range from simple two-dimensional cams to complex three-dimensional indexing cams with multiple followers… Click here for more information

Selecting & Applying Cam Follower Bearings

Whether you use cam follower bearings for cam followers, or for track, guide, or support rollers, their performance depends largely on the type you select. Important factors include loads, speeds, misalignment, installation, and lubrication. Cam follower bearings are used mainly in three types of applications: following the surface of a cam, supporting linear motion components, or laterally locating components during linear movement. Of these, cam follower applications range from simple two-dimensional cams to complex three-dimensional indexing cams with multiple followers. Linear motion support applications include platform support rollers and die transfer rollers. Supporting a linear motion component with cam follower bearings reduces sliding friction and track wear. By reducing wear, it also helps maintain precise machine motion. Plus, cam follower bearings guide linear motion components in lateral as well as vertical directions. Basic types Cam follower types include standard stud, heavy stud, and yoke. Both stud types are mounted cantilever-style on a support housing. The heavy stud version is used for heavy loads, shock loading, or applications requiring minimal deflection. Except for the stud diameter and end plate design, standard and heavy stud versions are essentially the same. The yoke version mounts on a pin with a straddle or yoke…