5 Reasons to Choose TBB Needle Roller Bearing

1. Years of focusing on bearing, quality guaranteed

  • Estabilished for many years since 1998 and is a professional supplier of bearings
  • With an annual output of tens of millions of bearings, the production capacity is sufficient

2. Strict production process

  • Recognized by many famous companies in the world, such as Bonfiglioli, Iveco, Cummins, Carraro, etc.
  • Bearing accessories for world-renowned companies throughout the year
  • Obtained the quality management system certification

3. Variety of specifications

  • Can also provide customized solutions
  • With comprehensive bearing R & D capabilities, covering all important aspects of bearing industry chain and can provide customers with cost-effective solutions

4. 90% of the basic products can be shipped within 4 weeks guarantees your productivity

5. Quality after-sales service

  • Professional one-on-one guidance consultants, let you worry free after sales
  • With more than 1000 sets of molds to choose from, the cost and time of mold opening can be saved
  • Technical guidance consultants are provided to support your application of bearings

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