Bicycle Bearings
Bearing knowledge / 2019-05-28

Riding a bicycle is a common excercise way in our nowaday life. But how much do you know about one of the most important parts in a bicycle–BEARING?  Please allow me to show you here. Which parts are bearings used in a bicycle? Bearings are used in bicycles mainly to reduce friction. Normally you can find bearings used in the following parts: 1. The front and rear hubs of the wheels 2. The bottom bracket(BB) where an axle connects the two pedal cranks together 3. The pedals 4. The freewheel where bearings help provide one-direction feature 5. The head parts, normally we used angular contact bearing Here we send you part of our most widely used bearing items in bicycle application: TBB Bicycle Bearing Advantages       1. Low noise       2. Low vibration       3. Low friction       4. High precision (ABEC-1/3/5/7 or P0/P6/P5/P4)       5. Great sealing performance       6. Good rotation performance       7. Long-life Analysis of Different Bearing Materials The bearing materials used in bicycle mainly includes:       1. Chrome Steel (GCr15/100C6)       2. Stainless Steel (SS440C/SS420C)       3. Hybrid Ceramic       4. Full…

Automobile Bearing Case Sharing
TBB Case / 2019-05-20

Case No. 1 TBB optimized products can work under higher load rating with longer lifetime. Case No. 2 Case No. 3 Bearing Durability Test Comparison — Needle Roller Bearing HK1010Application: Automotive automatic gearboxTest purpose and method: Bearings run a test continuously under constant radial load. The durability test component level test were run on both TBB and INA, the test results:1, Total test time is about 2870hours and 3.42 times to the L10 lifetime requirement2, No abnormal failure phenomenon was found3, No cracks, spalling or pitting were found on the outer surfaces4, No damage on the components. Both TBB and INA bearings passed the durability test.

CQI-9 — Heat Treat System Assessment (HTSA)
Technical Information / 2019-05-13

● Significance & Application of CQI-9 HTSA The North American automotive association AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) is the publisher of the CQI standards (Continuous Quality Improvement). CQI-9 Heat Treatment System Assessment is a self-assessment of the heat treatment system and must be carried out at least once a year.This standard is an appendix to ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949) under ?customer-specific requirements“ and is valid for all automotive suppliers globally that have entered into a contractual agreement regarding purchasing, supply and quality throughout the supply chain. CQI standards are used in several typical situations as below: Customer’s request, as a supplement of product standardsApplicable to the whole auto Customer’s request, as a supplement of product standards Applicable to the whole automotive industry Assessment of manufacturer to comply with automotive industry standards Applicable to all?heat treatment enterprises ● Structure, Content and Elements of the CQI-9 Questionnaire ● Process Tables of the CQI-9 HTSA More about CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement? More about CQI-9HTSA?

TBB New Trends in April
TBB Story / 2019-05-06

1. TBB Busy April 2. TBB Handcraft Lesson Look, except bearing, we also had many fun times in office! On the second week, TBB members enjoyed very interesting handcraft lessons at office. The handmade Husky card-bag was so cute! The purse also looked great! Maybe the new year gift of 2020 you get would be our handmade something. 3. TBB Take Action on Earth Day ● Lessen Paper User Try using email, PDF’s, electronic documents, CD-ROM’s, USB drives, tablets, and projectors instead of printing out paper. ● Walking, Biking or Carpooling to Work One hand it helps reducing carbon emissions by walking, biking or carpooling, the other hand, exercise put everyone in a great mood for work; carpooling brings together employees from different departments within the company. ● Lunch Activities Advocate TBB member bring lunch food from home, reduce the times of take-out food, thereby reducing the use of disposable tableware. Also it provided good opportunity to change habits and to educate employees. ● Remember to Turn Off Turn off the lights at day time, and turn off the office appliance when left, such as computer, printing machine, hot water fountain. ● Collect Recyclables Papers, plastic bottles, metal, glasses, put…