TBB New Trends in April


1. TBB Busy April

2. TBB Handcraft Lesson

Look, except bearing, we also had many fun times in office! On the second week, TBB members enjoyed very interesting handcraft lessons at office. The handmade Husky card-bag was so cute! The purse also looked great! Maybe the new year gift of 2020 you get would be our handmade something.

3. TBB Take Action on Earth Day

● Lessen Paper User
Try using email, PDF’s, electronic documents, CD-ROM’s, USB drives, tablets, and projectors instead of printing out paper.

● Walking, Biking or Carpooling to Work
One hand it helps reducing carbon emissions by walking, biking or carpooling, the other hand, exercise put everyone in a great mood for work; carpooling brings together employees from different departments within the company.

● Lunch Activities
Advocate TBB member bring lunch food from home, reduce the times of take-out food, thereby reducing the use of disposable tableware. Also it provided good opportunity to change habits and to educate employees.

● Remember to Turn Off
Turn off the lights at day time, and turn off the office appliance when left, such as computer, printing machine, hot water fountain.

● Collect Recyclables
Papers, plastic bottles, metal, glasses, put them in right recycle place.

These Earth Day activities are meant to lead to long-term changes for the environment, not just be practiced for one day! Remember, small efforts are valuable too.

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