Bearing Failure Analysis
Technical Information / 2019-04-22

There’s always a chance that things break. Same with bearings, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t prevent those issues beforehand to avoid further troubles. The below chart will show you how bearing failure comes and what we can do to prevent it ahead of time to make your application much stronger.  With the above knowledge, you don’t have to wait for the symptoms of a bearing failure before you take actions, which can help save your time and money. We TBB Bearing Provision is always here happy to provide you with assistance and support upon your request.

What bearings are used in your car AC compressor?
Bearing knowledge / 2019-04-16

How much do you know about Air-Condition Compressor? We summarized here with several typical types of air-conditioning compressors and TBB bearing usages. 1, V5 COMPRESSOR Improved air conditioning performance and fuel economy because of its smooth, continuous operation without clutch cycling. Meets vehicle air conditioning demand with its adjustable displacement capability. Compatible with R-12 & R-134a Systems. 2, HS COMPRESSOR HS Compressor which has been Hanon Systems’ first development compressor is fixed swash plate type. It maintains the constant compression ratio and discharge rate of refrigerant. Also, HS Compressor is able to adjust the cooling load through the on/off function of Clutch which is compressor’s component. It’s been one of the Hanon Systems’ competitive products as a low-cost product. 3, R4 COMPRESSOR The R4 compressor has just under 10 cubic inches of displacement per revolution, with four cylinders radiating from its crankshaft. It has basically the same characteristics as the A-6 compressor, except it seems to fit in smaller spaces and is much lighter due to its mostly aluminum construction. The R-4 is larger in capacity than we like in an average classic car installation.

Car Air-Condition Compressor Market Study
Industry News / 2019-04-12

HVAC: is abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning,mean the unit mounted under the instrument panel with heating, ventilating, and air conditioning functions. Including air intake unit, air blast unit, air purification unit, heating unit, refrigeration unit, distribution unit, and blower assembly, heater core, evaporator core, mixed damper, model damper, compressor. Today our main topic is to learn something about air-conditioner compressor of HVAC. Much like a heart in a human body, the compressor circulates the system’s lifeblood, in this case the refrigerant, that is vital to the proper operation of the air conditioning (A/C) system. The biggest three air-conditioner compressor suppliers all over the world are Denso, Sanden, Hanon Compressor is the core component of automobile air conditioner, which has a very high global market concentration and occupies 84% of the top five markets.South Korean companies have long pursued a strategy of large-scale investment and manufacturing economies of scale, and HANON expects its market share to reach 18% by 2020.Currently, HANON has a capacity of 13 million compressors, including 3.2 million compressors in Europe, 6.3 million compressors in South Korea and 3.5 million compressors in China.In the future,they will expand production capacity in China market, which is expected to reach 5…

Bearing in ABEC-7(P4) or ABEC-1(P0) for my application?

Bearing in ABEC-7(P4) or ABEC-1(P0) for my application? ●What does Bearing Precision mean? When dealing with rolling bearings, precision is described by tolerance classes which include dimensional accuracy and running is regulated by ISO or other related standards. Dimensional Accuracy includes (the items related to the installation of shaft and outer shell): 1. Allowable deviation (acceptable values) for bore diameter, outer diameter, width and assembled bearing width 2. Bore diameter uniformity as seen in chamfer dimensions 3. Allowable inner ring tapered bore deviation and shape error 4. Average bore diameter variation 5. Outer diameter variation 6. Average outer diameter unevenness 7. Raceway width and height variation (for thrust bearings) Running Accuracy includes (items related to the runout of the rotator): Acceptable values for inner and outer ring radial runout and axial runout Acceptable values for inner ring side runout, and outer ring outer diameter runout Permissible variation of raceway thickness of thrust bearing Permissible deviation and variation of tapered hole Permissible variation of inclination of the outer ring surface Here I attached the comparison table from different countries: The applicable accuracy levels are different according to different types of bearings. The following table shows different types of bearings and their…