How to prevent bearing from corrosion

Stainless steel and chrome steel are normally corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust. However, improper storage or handling at high humidity, condensation environment will reduce bearing life. How does the corrosion of bearings happen? If the bearing is prolonged exposure to water can cause rust. With the passage of time can cause peeling and crack formation, which are premature bearing failures. In addition, if the bearing is too loose or improper installated, contact corrosion will occur.. Bearing corrosion will reduce the machine performance and productivity, increasing the cost of operation. Common raceway corrosions include, bearing contact corrosion, corrosion of the outer surface and the inner ring of holes. How to prevent bearing corrosion? Prevention is the main thing. Here are some methods which can prevent bearing corrosion Use waterproof grease, it can form a protective barrier in the wet environment Add some protective coatings, such as chrome, nickel, zinc Adjust bearing, if it is suspected of contact corrosion Try to use a different material, in extremely corrosive environment, you can use ceramic bearings for example.

Spindle Bearing

The manufacturing of metal parts and components is so significant to any economic marketplace, typically, the machine tool industry is utilizing the latest technological advances in manufacturing processes. Here we’d like to talk about machine tool SPINDLE BEARING Most spindles use a combination of angular-contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. The angular-contact types install at a spindle work end because they handle both axial and radial loads. The other end houses a cylindrical roller bearing which, by design, floats or slips axially to compensate for spindle thermal expansion yet operates with zero radial clearance for rigidity. The basic requirements for spindle: High running accuracy High speed Wide range of speed High rigidity Low temperature rise High reliability Some of the above requirements are in confrontation, so it’s almost impossible for spindle to meet all the above requirements simultaneously. Therefore, the main performance of spindle should be taken into consideration when designing spindle supporting. Bearing types and matched method depend on machine tool different performances.