Car Air-Condition Compressor Market Study
Industry News / 2019-04-12

HVAC: is abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning,mean the unit mounted under the instrument panel with heating, ventilating, and air conditioning functions. Including air intake unit, air blast unit, air purification unit, heating unit, refrigeration unit, distribution unit, and blower assembly, heater core, evaporator core, mixed damper, model damper, compressor. Today our main topic is to learn something about air-conditioner compressor of HVAC. Much like a heart in a human body, the compressor circulates the system’s lifeblood, in this case the refrigerant, that is vital to the proper operation of the air conditioning (A/C) system. The biggest three air-conditioner compressor suppliers all over the world are Denso, Sanden, Hanon Compressor is the core component of automobile air conditioner, which has a very high global market concentration and occupies 84% of the top five markets.South Korean companies have long pursued a strategy of large-scale investment and manufacturing economies of scale, and HANON expects its market share to reach 18% by 2020.Currently, HANON has a capacity of 13 million compressors, including 3.2 million compressors in Europe, 6.3 million compressors in South Korea and 3.5 million compressors in China.In the future,they will expand production capacity in China market, which is expected to reach 5…

TBB News Flash–1ST Quarter 0f 2019
Industry News / 2019-03-28

There have a new bearing steel GCr9 appeared in the market,which supplying for Turkey, Poland and some other Europe countries after-market, let’s get the details of what material as below. From the bearing appearance, there is no difference between GCR9 and GCR15, but for the product performance, there have obvious difference. From the bearing appearance, there is no difference between GCR9 and GCR15, but for the product performance, there have obvious difference. Due to the difference of Cr element content, GCr15 have a better performance of wear resistance than GCr9, usually bearing of GCr15 material working life will be longer. . DANA and TBB have a project of needle roller bearing which applied for hydraulic motor. DANA technical and engineer person have inspected TBB Changzhou factory twice on Feb-26th and last December , and our factory satisfied their high quality OE market requests. . . The bearing world has become quite different in 2018 with the introduction of tariffs, price increase of steel in China, closure of factories due to environment issue and also sudden demand increase. Even though the demand levels have now come back to normal with the easing of steel supply as compared to before the cost…

TBB Learning Programme –Car Air-Conditioning Compressor

Much like a heart in a human body, the compressor circulates the system’s lifeblood, in this case the refrigerant, that is vital to the proper operation of the air conditioning (A/C) system.The world-leaders of car air-conditioning compressors, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Daimler AG, General Motors Company (GM), Volkswagen AG and Hyundai Motor Company. Car Air-Conditioning Mechanisms Liquid (refrigerant) is cycled throughout a sealed air conditioning system in a repeated process of vaporization (evaporation), liquefaction, and re-vaporization. It is necessary for a gas to give off heat to liquefy (condense). If the refrigerant gas is pressurized, and the pressure is increased, it becomes comparatively easier to liquefy. TYPES OF COMPRESSOR 1, Swash Plate Type (Fixed Displacement) This piston is constructed from the components shown in the illustration.The pistons move back and forth when power from the engine causes the shaft and swash plate to rotate. One piston is comprised of cylinders on both sides. The ends of the piston intake pressurize and discharge refrigerant. 2, Vane Type (Fixed Displacement) This compressor is constructed from cylinders and five vanes built into the rotors, as well as two discharge valves and front and back side plates.The five vanes rotate in tandem with the rotors…

Hottest News of Shanghai in November 2018
Industry News / 2018-11-09

This November is different to people in Shanghai, also in China! Here are the HOTTEST news chosen for you:  The 1st China International Import Expo is held in Shanghai from Nov 5 to Nov 10, 2018. A total of 172 countries, regions and international organizations from five continents will showcase their development achievements and international image. More than 3,600 companies from different countries will hold discussions and seek common development with over 400,000 purchasers from China and overseas. “Double 11” is coming this Sunday, the biggest online shopping festival in China since 2009 created by Alibaba Group. With four characters of “1”, this date was named as Bachelor’s Day. On this day, young people will hold bachelor parties to create couples or simply have fun. Some choose to end their bachelor life by showing love or proposing for marriage. PTC ASIA, CeMAT ASIA and ComVac ASIA 2018 Lead “Intelligent Manufacturing The annual grand industrial events in the Asia-Pacific region — PTC ASIA, CeMAT ASIA and ComVac ASIA 2018 kick off at Shanghai New International Expo Center today. Themed on “intelligent manufacturing”, this year’s shows attract nearly 2,500 well-known enterprises from home and abroad, which bring various “intelligent” products and technologies from different industries. During this…

The Orange Ladies among 1,258 exhibitors in 2018 Shanghai Bearing Fair
Industry News , TBB Story / 2018-10-01

Have you seen TBB Orange Ladies on 2018 Shanghai Bearing Fair? 2018 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 16th session) which was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from September 19 to 22, 2018, ended successfully. The exhibits included all types of bearings as well as high-end bearings, and covered special equipment, precision measurements, accessories and parts, transmission components, lubricant greases, and so on. The new products, new technology, new material, new technique and equipment will represent the latest development trend of today’s world bearings and related products. Exhibitors of represented countries:Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA. 15 of TBB members represented the company attended the exhibition. As a trading company, we seized this precious opportunity, have been very busy communicating with our partners and also tried to present the best to our customers. For customers: We have exchange information with more than 100 new companies; deeply communication with 30 interested customers; during exhibition time guided 8 customers to visiting our office & production. For partners: Evaluated 600 factories for supplement our data base;…

TBB Booth: 3H2041-China Bearing Fair , 9/19-9/22
Industry News , TBB Story / 2018-09-12

We sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at 2018 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition 19-22th, September,TBB Booth:3H2041. We will display our hot-sale products as well as our latest products which are very popular in 2018.

TBB visited 2017 KOAA Show & KOMAF in South Korea
Industry News , TBB Story / 2017-11-04

In the past 4 years, South Korea keeps ranking among the top four in the largest importers of Chinese bearings. As one of the largest markets for Chinese bearings, this October TBB Sales Team paid a visit to 2017 KOAA Show (automotive parts) & 2017 KOMAF (machinery & parts) in Kintex, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Through this trip TBB hoped to seek more business opportunities, and strengthen collaboration relationship with current customers. Oct 18th – 20th, 2017 KOAA Show KOAA Show is the largest automotive industries trade show in Korea also the largest exhibition in the number of exhibitors and visitors in Korea. it is the first exclusive Korean exhibition specializing in auto parts and accessories. From the first day of its existence, KOAA Show has targeted all commercial and international markets. Oct 24th – 27th, 2017 KOMAF KOMAF (Korea Machinery Fair) has been held biannually since 1977 as a leader in machinery exhibitions. As the best machinery fair in Korea, KOMAF brings together the leading machinery companies in one location and makes easy to promote new products and examine innovative technologies.Especially, 2017 KOMAF will be jointly held with other exhibitions related to machinery. This joint exhibition will be the biggest machinery fair in…