10th Anniversary in TBB Shanghai Office – TBB Since 1998


From 2009 to 2019, it has been 10 years since TBB Shanghai office estabilished.
With 10 years growth, no matter wind or rain, the way we go together, the warmth hidden in the bottom of every TBB member’s heart.

Lisa, Sales General Manager in TBB, also the elder sister of TBB lady team. Under her leadership, TBB Bearing Provision is moving forward steadily. Let’s see what Lisa wants to say at this special occasion

Heidi, Customer Marketing Director in TBB . With her 8 years
growing in TBB Shanghai office, what does she have in mind to share with us?

Besides these, how many beauties can you recognize in below video?

P.S. We are launching a campaign of collecting fingerprints and signatures from our clients who supported TBB all the time, which will be printed on our souvenir bags. It would be a great honor to us if you’d like to join us.

Request: Fingerprint and signature need to be separated.
               Signature–Black color. Fingerprint–no limitation (Expect Black)

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  • Clint Conrad 2020-06-24 at 14:02

    Congratulations TBB

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