Bicycle Bearings


Riding a bicycle is a common excercise way in our nowaday life. But how much do you know about one of the most important parts in a bicycle–BEARING?  Please allow me to show you here.

  • Which parts are bearings used in a bicycle?

Bearings are used in bicycles mainly to reduce friction. Normally you can find bearings used in the following parts:
1. The front and rear hubs of the wheels
2. The bottom bracket(BB) where an axle connects the two pedal cranks together
3. The pedals
4. The freewheel where bearings help provide one-direction feature
5. The head parts, normally we used angular contact bearing

Here we send you part of our most widely used bearing items in bicycle application:

  • TBB Bicycle Bearing Advantages

      1. Low noise
       2. Low vibration
       3. Low friction
       4. High precision (ABEC-1/3/5/7 or P0/P6/P5/P4)
       5. Great sealing performance
       6. Good rotation performance
       7. Long-life

  • Analysis of Different Bearing Materials

The bearing materials used in bicycle mainly includes:

      1. Chrome Steel (GCr15/100C6)
       2. Stainless Steel (SS440C/SS420C)
       3. Hybrid Ceramic
       4. Full Ceramic (ZrO2/Si3N4/Al2O3/SiN)


  • Alexandre J 2022-04-24 at 15:23

    Do you have ABEC-11?

  • Park 2022-04-24 at 15:25

    Headset bearings, do you manufacture?

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