What bearings are used in your car AC compressor?


How much do you know about Air-Condition Compressor? We summarized here with several typical types of air-conditioning compressors and TBB bearing usages.


Improved air conditioning performance and fuel economy because of its smooth, continuous operation without clutch cycling.

Meets vehicle air conditioning demand with its adjustable displacement capability.

Compatible with R-12 & R-134a Systems.


HS Compressor which has been Hanon Systems’ first development compressor is fixed swash plate type. It maintains the constant compression ratio and discharge rate of refrigerant. Also, HS Compressor is able to adjust the cooling load through the on/off function of Clutch which is compressor’s component. It’s been one of the Hanon Systems’ competitive products as a low-cost product.


The R4 compressor has just under 10 cubic inches of displacement per revolution, with four cylinders radiating from its crankshaft. It has basically the same characteristics as the A-6 compressor, except it seems to fit in smaller spaces and is much lighter due to its mostly aluminum construction. The R-4 is larger in capacity than we like in an average classic car installation.

If you have any interesting of broaden market of car air-conditioning compressor bearing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service!

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