Bearings World from Figures

  • Size from 2mm to 6m

Bearings vary in sizes. The smallest “miniature bearing” in the world is with ID 0.6mm× OD 2.0mm× Thickness 0.8mm, which is used in micro motor. The large-size bearing, with an outer diameter of 6m and a weight of more than 15 tons, is used in the large shield machine for tunneling. This kind of large bearing is used when excavating the cross sea tunnel under the Dover strait connecting Britain and France.

  • 400,000 rpm

The dental drill used by dentists (commonly known as dental mobile phones) is equipped with bearings that can rotate at ultra-high speed. It uses two ultra precision bearings with inner diameter of 3.0mm × outer diameter of 6.0mm × width of 2mm and steel ball diameter is of 1.0mm. They can rotate at an amazing speed of 400,000 rpm, which greatly reduces the vibration of dental mobile phones, thus greatly reducing the pain of patients during treatment.

  • Ball Speed 160 m/s

The main shaft bearing of jet engine V2500 of international airliner has a rolling speed of 160 m/s, equivalent to 580 k/h. It is because of using this high-performance high-speed bearings that the engine can run safely for a long time and transport passengers safely all over the world.

  • Amplitude Below 100 nm

It is no exaggeration that the accuracy of machinery depends on the rotation accuracy of bearings. The two ends of the rotating shaft are supported by two bearings. If the shaking of the shaft is large, the mechanical properties cannot be improved. The computer external memory device with ultra precision bearing is “hard disk”, whose axis amplitude is less than 100 nm (1nm = 1 / 1,000,000 mm). The key to such super precision is the precision of rolling elements such as “steel balls” and “rollers”

  • 15 Years in Space

The development of the universe is also inseparable from bearings. Weather forecast, satellite radio and television signals, automobile satellite positioning information, etc. are provided by man-made satellites flying around the earth. The satellite is equipped with a gyroscope to maintain the satellite attitude and heading, and the gyroscope is equipped with ultra precision bearings. This kind of bearing can work continuously in space for 15 years

  • A World From – 253 to 500

The bearing in the liquid fuel pump of the space rocket is the bearing with the lowest operating temperature. The bearing works in liquid hydrogen at – 253 ℃. The bearings used in high temperature environment are typical of the special high-performance bearings used in medical CT scanners. The bearing can also operate continuously in the X-ray vacuum tube with temperature up to 300-500 ℃, which plays a role in ensuring our health.


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