Causes & Analysis of Motorcycle Bearing Early Damage


There are many bearings used in various active parts of a motorcycle (such as the direction column, the front and rear wheels, the rear chain plate, the rear gearbox, etc.). Bearings produced by regular manufacturers are generally tested as qualified products at the factory, but it is also important to install them correctly. During the usage of motorcycle, if the bearing ball cage falls off, the working surface in the rolling groove will be unconventional wearing, peeling off, and the rotation will be stuck. Few of the problems are caused by the bearing quality itself, most part of them are caused during the installation. We will analysis the most common problems one by one as below, hope that we can draw the attention of the manufaturers, the maintenance industry and the owners of motorcycles and avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Bearings on the front and rear hubs and the rear chain plate

During the daily usage of the motorcycle, riding in deep water or washing the motorcycle often may make the water running into it, which causes the grease in the bearing invalidated gradually, the rolling groove and the ball in the bearing are seriously worn, and the clearance is obviously increased. If the front and rear wheels are too tight or too loose when leaving the factory or in the sales process, which may cause unstable riding after a long time, the bearing would be stuck or the bearing displacement would be loose, the ball cage will be damaged or fall off, and the gap will be too large that the brake disc may rub with the hub, increasing the driving resistance. Water is easy to enter into the bearings on the rear sprocket wheel, which will cause damage. Therefore, the owner should pay high attention when washing the moto or riding in deep water and check and maintain in time. If it is damaged, the replacement must be in place, adjusting to the wheel to rotate flexibly.

2. Crankshaft roller bearing and ball bearings on both sides, generally two-stroke engine is more vulnerable

The main causes of damage to the crankshaft roller bearing are: Poor oil quality or the too small oil quantity: too high temperature of the engine during working, increase heat friction generation which cause the suface softened, the peeled off granuel will run into the steel cage causes the operation block; an abnormal load on the cage is caused by the roller, which aggravates the cage wearing, causes the break of the cage and the crankshaft is locked. If the oil in four-stroke engine is replaced with poor or counterfeit oil or long service life, the lubrication effect is reduced, the wear is aggravated, and the impurities are easy to block the oil passage; after the new vehicle is assembled or overhauled, as the site is not clean enough the hard foreign matter of the tools may run into the bearing channel, causes the bearing rotation to be blocked; the core of the crankshaft is not fixed or the crank is misaligned during installation, the bearing rotation load will be increased, causing damage

3. Wheel Bearing

Generally, the rear shock absorption of a motorcycle is single support with large load. If the road condition is bad and no decelerating, it is easy to cause wear and affect the service life, you should also pay attention to the water running inside when washing the moto.

4. Directional column bearing

Due to the failure of the front shock absorption, insufficient lubrication or uncomfortable up and down tightening, causing ball breakage or ball working face peeling off, which may cause the direction deviation, affecting the safety when riding.

In summary, the main cause of bearing damage is poor lubrication, improper installation, improper clearance and harsh environment. If it is not discovered or repaired early, it will cause great loss and affect riding safety. Therefore, manufacturers, dealers, maintenance industry and car owners please pay attention to this and avoid such accidents.

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