Sealing Technology—The first protective system of bearing


Dust cover material—SPCC
Bearing dust cover materials are iron, rubber-clad iron, and stainless steel plates, but SPCC cold-rolled steel plates are the most commonly used. SPCC was originally the steel name of the Japanese Standard (JIS) “Generally Used Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheets and Strips”. Note: Similar grades include SPCD, SPCE, SPCCK\SPCCCE, etc., SPCC4D\SPCC8D, etc., which are used in different occasions. SPCC chemical composition table C: ≤0.10 Si: ≤0.05 Mn: ≤0.50 P: ≤0.035 S: ≤0.025

2.Colors is different
Seal ring: Black、Red、Blue……
Dust cover: Silver, yellowish

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