Funny Collection in China during the Epidemic COVID-19


A casual visitor was called Novel Coronavirus when we were preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival in January 2020. Because of it, billions of people in our country could not go out, the malls were all closed. Many medical personnels rushed to the front line of the battlefield, here we show our most sincerety to all the medical staff and volunteers who rushed to the front line.

Although the epidemic is terrible, lovely Chinese people will not be afraid. Take a look at the interesting things happened during the epidemic.

1. Attitude changes

2. About Divorce


A few years later, the son came back from school and asked the father, “Why are so many people born in the same month same year as me, papa?” The father sighed and told his son, “Son, It all starts with a bat…”

3. Right Time for Contribution

4. A Good Idea

I have an idea: 15 masks, take turns to use, one piece a day, and then seal the used one. By the 15th day, use the first one again, because the new coronavirus on the first one should be dead after 14 days, so it’s a safe mask again. How do you think of that~

5. A Sincere Advise

During this period of time, we should bear it and try not to quarrel with your family. Because you have nowhere to go after a fight…

6. If You are Lack of Mask

7. DIY Your Own Masks

Kid, it is a little bit dry, huh~

Baby diapers, are you serious?

It’s a little bit aggresive, bro~

Using half a bra, Genius!

Really good protection

These ideas are just for fun, actually they don’t work…

The epidemic is severe and cruel, but I hope all my friends may keep a positive and optimistic attitude and let’s waiting for everything to be fine soon.

If you have interesting things, welcome to share with us.


  • Jimmy 2020-04-21 at 17:22

    Thank you for sharing,That’s so funny

    • tbbbearing 2020-04-23 at 14:30

      Thanks, your comments give us much confidence

  • Muhammad 2022-04-24 at 15:21

    That’s interesting, are you guys all fine? I heard the COVID in Shanghai.

  • Georg Kulikalov 2022-04-24 at 16:26

    The situation is still not optimistic

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