TBB Track Roller or Cam Follower bearings


TBB Track Roller is a bearing unit composed of machined thick-wall outer ring, needle rollers or cylindrical roller sets, or cage guidance or full complement needle roller, inner ring or bolt and seal. Featuring multiple compact structure, high rotating accuracy, large varieties, broad adaptability and easy installation, it can bear high radial load and certain shock load and is widely used in machine tool, metallurgical, textile and printing machinery, processing lines and etc.

Main structures as below chart:

Whether you use cam follower bearings for cam followers, or for track, guide, or support rollers, their performance depends largely on the type you select. Important factors include loads, speeds, misalignment, installation, and lubrication.

Cam follower bearings are used mainly in three types of applications: following the surface of a cam, supporting linear motion components, or laterally locating components during linear movement.

Of these, cam follower applications range from simple two-dimensional cams to complex three-dimensional indexing cams with multiple followers…

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      Ok, please check your mailbox later, our sales department will contact you

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