How to select the right bearing for your application?

Rolling element bearings are available in a variety of types, configurations, and sizes. When selecting the correct bearing for your application, it is important to take these factors below into consideration.
1. Operating conditions and operating environment
1) Function and construction of components to house bearings
2) Bearing mounting location
3) Bearing load (direction and magnitude)
4) Rotational speed
5) Vibration and shock load
6) Bearing temperature (Ambient temperature/temperature rise)
7) Operating environment (potential for corrosion, degree of contamination, extent of lubrication)
2. Bearing type and configuration
1) Dimensional limitations
2) Bearing load (magnitude, direction, vibration, presence of shock load)
3) Rotational speed
4) Bearing tolerances
5) Rigidity
6) Allowable misalignment of inner/outer rings
7) Friction torque
8) Bearing arrangement (fixed side, floating side)
9) Installation and disassembly requirements
10) Bearing availability and cost


3. Bearing dimensions
1) Design life of components to house bearings
2) Dynamic/static equivalent load conditions
3) Safety factor
4) Allowable speed
5) Allowable axial load
6) Allowable space
4. Bearing tolerances
1) Shaft run-out tolerances
2) Rotational speed
3) Torque fluctuation

5. Bearing’s internal clearance
1) Material and shape of shaft and housing
2) Fit
3) Temperature differential between inner/outer rings
4) Allowable misalignment of inner/outer rings
5) Load (magnitude, nature)
6) Amount of preload
7) Rotational speed
6. Cage type and material
1) Rotational speed
2) Noise level
3) Vibration and shock load
4) Momentary load
5) Lubrication type and method

7. Lubricant, lubrication method, sealing method
1) Operating temperature
2) Rotational speed
3) Lubrication type and method
4) Sealing method
5) Maintenance and inspection

8. Special bearing specifications
1) Operating environment (high/low temperature, vacuum, pharmaceutical, etc.)
2) Requirement for high reliability
9. Handling procedures
1) Installation-related dimensions
2) Installation and disassembly procedures


  • Joseph Slein 2020-05-09 at 16:40

    Can u provide wheel hub bearings, used in tractor horse box?

    • tbbbearing 2020-05-12 at 09:43

      Yes, do you have detailed items?

  • Anthony Rappold 2020-05-22 at 11:05

    Can u offer 61912-2RS1 DIN625 stainless steel for ocean environment

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