Bearings Rust Easily


Since bearings are metallic products they rust easily. So their treatment requires certain precautions.

1. When handling bearings, use finger caps, pincers or gloves that do not generate cotton fibers.

2. When you must use naked fingers, first make sure they are clean and free from perspiration and dust. Then apply a quality mineral oil to the fingertips before touching the bearings. Do not use hand cream, as it may induce rust.

3. If a shaft is dirty on the surface, rust may gather between the shaft and the bearing after they are fitted. So it is important to make certain the shaft is free from finger prints and perspiration.

4. When handling bearings choose a place that is dry. Always place the bearing boxes on a shelf or pallet. Avoid placing the boxes directly on the floor or other locations where moisture and dirt may be present.

5. Avoid storing bearings near air conditioners and direct sunlight. Bearings may rust when placed near an air conditioner outlet or any place where wind or sunlight can enter directly.

6. A great temperature variance may cause condensation to form on bearings. In colder climates allow the bearings to reach room temperature before unpacking them.

7. There have been cases of bearings gathering rust overnight when sulfuric acid mist fell around them. This occurred when heating stoves were turned off at night, causing the combustion gas to turn into sulfuric acid. Bearings can rust when chloro-fluorocarbon gas from cleaning equipment is overheated resolved and converted to chlorine. We recommend storing bearings in centrally heated and properly ventilated environment.

8. Varnish applied to a motor winding may also cause bearings to rust when the acid generated by varnish gas is absorbed into the grease of the bearing. Be sure to test for this condition and be aware that changes in the process such as drying time changes may affect this condition.

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